Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Am... Am I?

I am a bookworm. An ideal day for me would be spent browsing and poring over books at Barnes and Noble. Becoming a character in a story is rejuvenating, but my affinity for self-help books overwhelms me at times! College job? Library worker. All 4 years. And Page is my middle name - literally.

I am an editor. Greene County spelling bee winner of 1997, right here LOL! Senior year of high school included many hours critiquing my peers' articles as yearbook editor. Typed (much of) and edited (all of) my husband's 100-page Master's thesis. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes are my nemesis. The only problem is I tend to edit my husband's long-winded stories for him. Oops ;)

I am an artist. At least, I used to describe myself as such. I spent my free time as a kid in an awkwardly scrunched-up position on the floor, drawing in my sketch book. What began as copying Disney pictures led to pieces a bit more sophisticated (I hope)! Art gave me the desire to travel to Europe and see the Greats in person. Amazingly, God blessed me to be able to do just that in a study abroad program in Verviers, Belgium. Strange when the thing which used to define me - art - I now almost never do. Being an artist is also a convenient excuse for being disorganized, right? 

I am a mama. These days, my art consists of molding and shaping the lives of my little boys, ages 1 and 3. Wouldn't change it for the world. Kudos to their Creator, they are THE cutest boys on the planet. In typical parental fashion, I think people are looking at my children and saying, "I wish my kids were that cute."

I am a wife. Still can't believe Richard picked me! When I first met my husband, it didn't seem particularly special. But the day I saw him lead "The Pearly White City" in college chapel wearing a full suit and tie with Converse sneakers, I knew my life would never be the same. I was like, "I HAVE to marry this boy!" And I did.

I am a God lover. My life became His at age 13 and nothing has brought more meaning to it. Writing this paragraph gives me that I-am-overwhelmed-where-do-I-start kind of feeling. His gifts to me are innumerable and his Love incomprehensible.

Am I a writer? Guess I'll find out as I create this blog. The goal is for me to share the pieces of my life with you as a means of discovering more about myself and a life rich with His blessings.

How do you define yourself?


Mary Page

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  1. Mary I am so proud of you for blogging, how wonderful! You're a wonderful writer and already I've learned things about you I didn't know. Keep it up and I'm following eagerly!